Birthed after the bushfires in Mallacoota, 2019, Pureflow has developed in a niche market, locally grown and supported by Mallacoota locals. Owner and founder of Pureflow, Luke Webb, started cleaning gutters by hand as a means of helping neighbours and friends clean up after the bushfires. Luke discovered that there was a unique opportunity for gutter cleaning in Mallacoota, and so came the beginning of Luke's business formerly known as Gippsland Gutter Cleaning. With the keen support of Mallacoota locals Luke’s business has evolved into what is now recognised as Pureflow, providing exterior house and business cleaning services ranging from the roof to the footpath. Forever grateful for the ongoing support of its customers Pureflow continues to grow and develop into a leading exterior house and business cleaning service. 

The Book Now button accesses our work calendar and gives you an idea of how much work we have booked, it operates in 2 hour blocks, the average job is 4 hours.

Our Pureflow Team

'No Risk. No Mess. No Damage.’
You are guaranteed to receive service that is thorough and reliable from start to finish.

CEO Director

Luke Webb

A qualified plumber and Mallacoota Local. Luke takes pride in his work.

Co Director

Corey Tindall

Works manager, scheduling and customer relations.

Work site overseer 

Tiny Webb


The support team

IT and website

Colin Dixon

Colin also takes drone videos and can be watched at #mallacoota2020



Does the paperwork, invoicing and keeps the business running. 

Business Coach

Phil Easts

Mentor and coach, helps grow the business and keep it on track.

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No Risk. No Mess. No Damage.

You are guaranteed to receive service that is thorough and reliable from start to finish.