Are your walkways needing attention? We have just the solution!

Why Pressure Wash? 

Dirt, lichen and algae build up overtime becoming slippery and difficult to remove. Avoid trips and slips, and get it cleaned early. Safety is our number one priority. 

Our locations

VIC: East Gippsland, Mallacoota

NSW: Bega Valley, Sapphire Coast and surrounds

How we do it

We combine pressure washing with soft washing to bring our customers cleaner, brighter and longer lasting results. We tailor our pressure washing and soft washing systems to suit each surface, eliminating risk of pressure damage. Or soft wash system gets the job done safely with no risk of damage and no mess. 

Benefits of soft washing and pressure washing 

  • Kills and stops the spread of organic growth
  • longer lasting cleaner results
  • no risk of pressure damage
  • no mess left behind
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Before & After

Are your walkways needing attention? We have just the solution!

With our pressure washing service, we are able to attend to the appearance of your home. Months and years of build up of dirt, mould, debris, lichen and other unwanted matter can be rid of quite easily! Why spend thousands on a pressure washer machine, when we can take the stress off your hands and do the work for you.

We use a high powered pressure washer to assist us in removing all the build up, leaving you with a cleaner looking home. Pressure washing is a great service to get the tidy up your surroundings that you have been meaning to for a while. Our pressure cleaning solutions help as in lifting the unwanted organic growth from the roots on surfaces for a more in depth clean.

Our professional pressure washing services cater to driveways, decks/patios, paths, paving, general concreted areas and more. Let us help you get your home surroundings looking professionally pressure washed and sharper than ever! 

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